SOO Line HVDC Link

Winneshiek Energy District’s Energy Lunch this month is very interesting AND very important. If you like renewable energy, you have to like transmission, and this is an innovative plan to make construction of new transmission capacity easier.

Join the Winneshiek Energy District on Tuesday, June 15th from noon – 1 pm for a conversation about the SOO Green Line Transmission Project. 

We will be joined by project leads Raj Rajan, Vice President of Development and Environmental Engineer, and Neil Jones, Vice President of Real Estate, from the project developer, Direct Connect Development Company.  

The SOO Green Line is a proposed 350-mile, 2,100 MW, 525 KV high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line (cable).  The cable will be underground and will run mostly along an existing railroad from Northern Iowa to outside Chicago.  

This project will enable wind and solar power produced in Iowa to be used in homes and businesses in Chicago and beyond.  With this new transmission capacity, the door is open for more renewable energy development in western Iowa!  By siting the project underground, along an existing railroad track, the permitting, environmental impact, and the construction process all look different from an overhead line.

Rajan and Jones will give an overview of the project and then open the call to audience questions.  

This event is free and open to the public.  It will be held virtually.  Please visit to register and receive the webinar link by 10pm on June 14th.  

Questions? Contact Heidi at or 563-382-4207 ext. 4.