HCED Hosts Solar Tour

On March 24th, 2017 the Howard County Energy District hosted a successful solar tour in the Cresco area. This was HCED’s first official event as an incorporated entity, and it was a great success! Attendees included local business representatives, solar enthusiasts, and Howard County’s State Representative, Jane Bloomingdale.

Attendees boarded a bus provided by the Howard-Winneshiek Community School District and took a trip to a local farm, business, and city solar site to learn about the benefits of solar from those who are already using it. A lunch and discussion was held afterward. Speakers discussed the positive economic impacts locally-owned solar has on our local communities. Other topics included assessing tools and partnership opportunities for continuing to grow distributed energy jobs and the positive impact of Iowa’s solar tax credit programs. Unlike many tax credit programs, Iowa’s production tax credit and investment tax credit for solar directly benefit rural Iowa communities. However, the Iowa solar tax incentives are set to be phased out in the coming years.