HCED at the MHCF!

Join the Howard County Energy District in the Expo Center at the Mighty Howard County Fair!

It’s fair time in Howard County! HCED will have a booth in the Expo Center at the Mighty Howard County Fair for the 3rd year in a row. Look for our banner, and stop by our booth to learn about our organization and see what we’re doing in Howard County to help you accomplish your energy goals!

This year’s booth will feature an “energy simulator” giving you a real feel for the difference in energy it takes to power an incandescent versus a LED light bulb. The simulator is a bike on a stand that, when pedaled, will power a light bulb. Switching between the two bulbs will vary the pedaling force required, giving the rider a better understanding of the wasted energy that an incandescent bulb requires to provide the same (or less) illumination as an LED bulb!

Another topic of discussion at this year’s fair booth will be how RIGHT NOW is the time to get your solar installed! Have you been wondering if solar is right for? Are you worried about finding independent information on the prospects for solar for your home or business? Don’t worry, HCED has you covered! We will have HCED board members available at our fair booth to answer your questions and help you get moving on your solar project. 2019 is the last year to get the full federal and state tax credits for a solar installation. Currently, 45% of the cost of your solar project can be covered by tax credits. In 2020, that number begins to go down year-by-year. So NOW IS THE TIME TO GET MOVING ON YOUR SOLAR PROJECT! Stop by our booth at the fair or fill out the contact form to learn more.