HCED at the Fair!

HCED was at the Mighty Howard County Fair to remind people how much money residential energy efficiency can save … $500 or more per year in electric and natural gas bills! It sounds like lots of people are already saving money be replacing energy-hungry incandescent lights with LEDs. The next step? When you A/C dies (or even sooner), replace it with a 400%-efficient air-source heat pump. Not only it is super-efficient, this “reversible A/C” will also heat your home during the shoulder seasons. Also, be sure to replace your furnace filter regularly … every 30-60 days depending on activities, pets, etc. Ready for more? HCED can get you signed up for a “First Step Energy Assessment” by Green Iowa Americorps. This is FREE to seniors, veterans, low-income, and disabled.

Thanks to Stan Fosaaen for building our energy-efficient and energy-wasteful model homes!