Energy Efficiency Grants

In conjunction with the Bouska Trust, the Howard County Energy District announces two cash grants to the City of Cresco to help improve the city’s energy efficiency.

The first grant, made to the Cresco Police Department, will pay the higher purchase cost of a hybrid police cruiser. The hybrid engine technology uses less gasoline and will result in lower lifetime costs for the car. The city will track the purchase, fuel, and maintenance costs for the hybrid as well as a similar cruiser with a pure internal combustion engine. This will allow comparison over time.

The second grant was to the Cresco Theatre & Opera House and will pay the cost to insulate the opening at the back of the Theatre that was created when the Scene Shop was demolished. The opening is currently covered only with OSB and metal, so the insulation should both significantly improve the comfort of the backstage area and reduce the Theatre’s heating costs.

Grants were available to all of the cities in Howard County, as well as the County itself, but the two applications from the City of Cresco were the only ones received.